100 FREE Universal primers

FREE re-sequencing

Adjusted protocols

Select SANGERSeq PREMIUM service for your plasmids or PCR products :

  • You provide us with your purified DNA and sequencing primers in separate Eppendorf tubes .
  • You benefit from up to 100 FREE universal primers
  • We quantify the DNA quantity at samples arrival in our lab
  • We prepare the best mixture of DNA & primer for you.

We select the most suitable established & validated PREMIUM protocol to deliver the best quality of results from your samples.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-art instruments for DNA quantification and mixing.

We deliver on routine basis high quality sequencing results with local & dedicated support.

Ask for your batch of prepaid or not prepaid SANGERSeq PREMIUM barcodes to

Prepare your DNA and primers in separate tubes (Eppendorf tubes ) in line with the below requirements :

Contact us via SMS or email when your samples are ready for local pick up

SmartOrder visual - EN

For each sample, we deliver both text sequence & chromatogram.

Chromatograms can be visualized with various FREE softwares tools available online (UGENE, Snapgene Viewer, 4Peaks, Chromas, etc…)