About SMARTLife Biosciences

SMARTLife Biosciences is a company born in Marseille with the objective of re-locating routine sequencing services and the concomitant development of third-generation Long-read technologies. The company is driven by the goal of prioritizing human interaction at the core of routine Research laboratory activities. SMARTLife Biosciences operates as a network of laboratories distributed throughout the territory, with dedicated and trusted sequencing technical teams located in close proximity to the clients they serve.

Third-generation sequencing technologies generate very long sequences (up to 300kb) in a very short time and provide high sequencing coverage without the need for amplification. Long-read technologies overcome the limitations of traditional Sanger sequencing by resolving complex structures with GC-rich regions or secondary structures that were so far difficult to obtain.

SMARTLife Biosciences, it’s an intelligent response to answer the routine sequencing needs of Research laboratories by providing the samples to be analyzed to local technical teams. Performing the sequencing analyses near the Research centers eliminates the need for sample transportation, facilitates smooth communication and reduces carbone footprint.

SMARTLife Biosciences Headquarters : ZI – 50 avenue du Pic de Bertagne – 13420 Gemenos – FR

Email : support@smartlifebiosciences.com

Phone : +33 (0)6 08 52 57 10