Long-read SMART sequencing

SMARTSequencing services

because analyzing DNA is about seeking to understand the intricate mechanisms of life and realizing the importance of preserving it

SMARTLife Biosciences offers very unique sequencing and bioinformatics solutions with its network of laboratories distributed across Europe. With sequencing local execution, results are delivered in just a few hours and communication is direct with our customers. Data is stored locally for optimal data security and research collaborations are facilitated. There is no need for samples shipment and therefore, no risk of samples degradation.

SMARTLife Biosciences utilizes Long-read sequencing 3d generation technology, ISO13485 compliant proprietary bioinformatics pipelines and 100% ecologic processes. Our highly validated analysis pipelines enables the production of high quality of analyzed results using trimmed and cleaned reads considerably longer (up to 300 kb) than those resulting from more traditional sequencing technologies. Long read 3d generation technology combined with analytical solutions provide the sequence of parts of the genome that cannot easily be sequenced by short-reads sequencing or Sanger sequencing. Longer reads are more likely to look distinct compared to shorter reads, allowing them to be assembled together with less ambiguity. SMARTLife Biosciences sequencing solutions are amplification free and do not require any sequencing primers, avoiding critical steps where polymorphisms can arise when sequencing a biological sample with traditional sequencing technologies.

SMARTLife Biosciences delivers complete full length circular vectors, amplicon PCRs, genomic DNAs, or RNAs consensus sequences, ready to use for Research purposes, in a very fast and efficient way. Traditional sequencing services have longer turnaround times and imply regular samples shipment to central laboratories at expensive costs, impacting negatively both Research budgets and Biodiversity that our Life Sciences community aim to preserve.

SMART ecoresponsibility commitment

Life sciences scientists dedicate their lives to study the mechanisms that gave rise to biological diversity. Analyzing DNA is about seeking to understand the intricate mechanisms of life and realizing the importance of preserving it.

Unlike traditional sequencing methods, SMARTLife Biosciences protocols do not involve any use of carcinogenic reagents. Our expert team has validated 100% ecofriendly processes, enabling the researchers to outsource their sequencing projects at zero additional carbon footprint.