SANGER PREMIX sequencing

Chromatogramme Sanger SMARTSeq


You prepare yourself the mixture (purified DNA + Primer) in line with our requirements

We sequence it with a standardized protocol in one single run

You benefit from lower prices

Prepare yourself your mixture (purified DNA + sequencing primer) in one single tube (or each well in case of 96 wells plate) in line with the below requirements : 

Our laboratory performs Sanger PREMIX sequencing with one standardized protocol.

High quality of results are delivered as soon as they’re available.

For each sample, you receive both the text sequence & chromatogram.

Chromatogram can be visualized with various FREE softwares tools available online (UGENE, Snapgene Viewer, 4Peaks, Chromas, etc…)

Ask for your batch of prepaid or not prepaid SANGERSeq PREMIX barcodes to label your samples at

Once your samples are ready for sequencing, drop them off in the dropbox available on site and ask for pick up via SMS to your local technical Team.

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