Plasmid Small (2,5-25 kb)


Select the number of each type of sample you want to sequence. Fill in the SampleSheet .  Drag & drop  SampleSheet + Reference below in case you have a Reference in fasta format (.fasta or .fa) available .

Providing us with a Reference improves the quality of the Bioinformatic analysis.



SMALL Plasmid (2,5 kb to 25 kb) 3d Generation sequencing producing long reads (up to 300 kb).

High quality of results are delivered via your personal & secure One Drive with ultra short delivery time.

You receive :

  • Raw data ( text sequences & quality scores (.fastq file)
  • Consensus sequence (.fasta) from proprietary auto-assembly pipeline and table with consensus base quality and coverage at each position of the consensus (.tsv and xlsx)
  • Plasmid graphical map & annotations (pLannote file)
  • Alignment (.bam) against your reference sequence in case you provided us with a reference sequence in .fasta format and table of all variants detected by comparison to your reference sequence (.tsv and xlsx files)