Linear Amplicon Big (25 -75 kb)


Select the number of each type of sample you want to sequence. Fill in the SampleSheet .  Drag & drop  SampleSheet + Reference below in case you have a Reference in fasta format (.fasta or .fa) available .

Providing us with a Reference improves the quality of the Bioinformatic analysis.


BIG linear DNA / Amplicon PCR (25 -75 kb) 3d Generation sequencing producing  long reads (up to 300 kb).

High quality of results are delivered via your personal & secure One Drive with ultra short delivery time.

  1. Prepare a volume  >= 20 uL of your purified plasmid double strand circular DNA at 50 ng/ uL in Eppendorf tube (1.5 mL).
  2. Label your tube with a Blue long read SMARTSeq lDs.
  3. Connect to your SMARTAccount online.
  4. Select QUICK ORDER / Long read and define the number, type, size of the samples, upload your SampleSheet and your reference sequence in .fasta
  5. Place your samples in a SMARTBox and write on the back your name and order number.
  6. Contact  us for local pick up (

       You receive  via your personal & secure One Drive :

  • Raw data ( text sequences & quality scores (.fastq file)
  • Alignment (.bam) against your reference sequence in case you provided us with a reference sequence in .fasta format
  • Table of all variants detected by comparison to your reference sequence (.tsv and xlsx files)

To improve the quality of the BioIT analysis, we recommend you to provide us with a reference sequence. In case you didn’t provide us with a reference sequence, we perform an auto-assembly of produced reads with our proprietary pipeline and deliver you a consensus sequence (.fasta) and corresponding table with consensus base quality and coverage at each position of the consensus (.tsv and xlsx).