HUGE Genome (10-12 Mb)


Select the number of each type of sample you want to sequence. Fill in the SampleSheet .  Drag & drop  SampleSheet + Reference below in case you have a Reference in fasta format (.fasta or .fa) available .

Providing us with a Reference improves the quality of the Bioinformatic analysis.


HUGE genome ( 10-12 Mb) 3d Generation long read sequencing (read length up to 300 kb , minimum of 30X sequencing coverage ) is a service valid for Bacterial, fungi or yeast genomes.

Ultra fast results delivery via personal & secure One Drive.

Delivery of :

-raw data including quality score & text sequences ((.fastq files) ,

– polished consensus sequence (.fasta) and table with consensus bases quality scores and coverage at each position of the genome(.tsv and .xlsx),

– genome annotations (.plann.gbk)

– alignment on reference sequence (.bam file) if you provided us with a reference genome.