Select the number of each type of sample you want to sequence. Fill in the SampleSheet .  Drag & drop  SampleSheet + Reference sequences  below. Please provide your CRISPR/Cas vector & sgRNA reference sequences in fasta format (.fasta or .fa) available . Providing us with Reference sequences will improve the quality of BioIT analysis.



Analyze your CRISPR/Cas library by long read sequencing and receive the complete sequence of your sgRNA vector.
  1. Prepare your purified double strand circular sgRNA vector in line with our concentration & volume requirements :
  2. Label each sample with Green long read SMARTSeq lDs :
  3. Connect to your SMARTAccount online.
  4. Select QUICK ORDER / Long read.
  5. Define the number, type, size of your sample, and upload your SampleSheet and your reference sequence in .fasta
  6. Protect your samples in a SMARTBox and write on the back of the box your name and order number.
  7. Contact  us for local pick up