Select the number of each type of sample you want to sequence. Fill in the SampleSheet .  Drag & drop  SampleSheet + Reference sequences  below. Please provide us with your CRISPR/Cas reference genome  in fasta format (.fasta or .fa) available .


CRISPR/Cas linear/Amplicon REGULAR SMARTSeq enable you to secure REGULAR (30X) sequencing coverage and long read (up to 300 kb) for higher quality and specificity of the mapping to your reference genome. Deep long read sequencing enables you to visualize efficiently reads mapping to targeted loci and clivage sites.
  1. Prepare your CRISPR/Cas purified linear DNA / amplicon according to our recommendations
  2. Label your tube with Green SMARTSeq lDs.
  3. Connect to your SMARTAccount online.
  4. Select QUICK ORDER / Long read.
  5. Define the number, type, size of your sample, and upload your SampleSheet and your reference sequence in .fasta
  6. Protect your samples in a SMARTBox and write on the back of the box your name and order number.
  7. Contact  us for local pick up