• Valid for CRISPR/ Cas circular construct up to 25 kb
  • Dedicated protocol valid for circular double stranded DNA
  • Available from 1 sample to 96 samples
  • High quality of results (99.6% accuracy)
  • 30X sequencing coverage minimum
  • Long read (up to 300 kb)
  • SMART guide to prepare your samples
  • Long read SMARTSeq IDs to label your samples
  • Verify your sgRNAs construct library
  • Get the complete sequence of your circular construct
  • Detect all variants : from SNPs to large structural variation
  • Identify contaminants in your preparation
  • 3d generation sequencing technology
  • Amplification free, no PCR bias
  • Real time data acquisition
  • No need of sequencing primer
  • No sample transportation, local laboratories

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CRISPR/Cas circular construct SMARTSeq step by step :

  1. Prepare your purified double strand circular sgRNA vector in line with our concentration & volume requirements
  2. Label each sample with Green long read SMARTSeq lDs.
  3. Connect to your SMARTAccount online.
  4. Select QUICK ORDER / Long read.
  5. Define the number, type, size of your sample, and upload your SampleSheet and your reference sequence in .fasta
  6. Protect your samples in a SMARTBox and write on the back of the box your name and order number.
  7. Contact  us for local pick up

SMARTLife Biosciences delivers the COMPLETE sequence of your sgRNA vector and provides you with the following results:

  1. Raw data (text sequences & quality scores (fastq. file)
  2. Consensus sequence of sgRNA construct (.fasta file)
  3. Table of consensus base quality & coverage at each position (.tsv and .xlsx files)
  4. Plasmid circular map & annotations (.pLannote file)
  5. Quality metrics & histograms

Secure the success of your CRISPR/Cas gene editing experiment.
Verify upfront the complete sequence of your sgRNA construct by long read sequencing.

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