Good reasons to order SMART

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10 good reasons to place a SMART order :

1/ The combination of SMRT sequencing technology with mobile technology eliminates the need for sample transportation. 

2/ Results are delivery very fast, enabling you to rapidly identify pathogens, monitor microbial communities, detect genetic variants. It can be used for pathogens surveillance, viral genome sequencing, metagenomics studies, biodiversity monitoring, and more.

3/ In case of sequencing failure, we can react quickly, enabling prompt decision making and action.

4/ You receive ultra long reads (up to 300 kb) which provides you a significant advantage in analyzing complex genomes, structural variations or repetitive regions. 

5/ SMART sequencing is a technology that generates multiple passes for each DNA template allowing error correction and consensus generation, improving the accuracy of base calls, including those within repetitive regions. This increased accuracy helps in resolving the true sequence in repetitive or homopolymeric regions and reduces potential ambiguities.

6/ SMRT sequencing improves the accuracy and resolution of genomic analyses and increases the chance of capturing critical genetic information.

7/ When placing a Smart order, your local order contributes to reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation. You minimizes the environmental impact of shipping samples over long distances. This aligns with sustainable practices and demonstrates your committment to minimizing your carbon footprint.

8/ Proximity to your Smart  local technical Team facilitates direct and frequent communication, enabling better collaboration and understanding of your specific requirements. You secure more efficient interactions and the potential for tailored solutions to meet your needs.

9/ You‘re supporting local economy, promotes local businesses and job creation in your region.

 10/ When investing in local Smart  teams and Smart services, you’re contributing to local job opportunities of PhD students. and to the sustainability of your local research community, fostering a mutual beneficial relationship.

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